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Whether you want to keep your office private or stop your customers avoiding that one table in the sun, our commercial window films can cover all your business needs. Contact us today for your free quote.

Commercial Solar Control Window Film

Solar Control Window Film

If you work in an office, the chances are at some point you have had to be the one to get a big stick and awkwardly shut the blinds at the start and end of every day. You can cut out this hassle by installing solar control window film in your office or other commercial property, helping your team to work in comfort and put less strain on their physical and mental health.

At TS Window Films, we specialise in window films that minimise the issues of bright glare and excess heat, while allowing you to still enjoy all of the benefits of natural light in your office or commercial space. We can provide we window films that are perfectly suited to your needs.

Commercial Privacy Window Films

One issue people have working in commercial properties is that they want to be able to work in a light and pleasant environment, but without people being able to look in. For many work environments this is not practical – thankfully a solution is at hand from TS Window Films. We provide made-to-measure window films to cover windows and provide privacy.

Our privacy window films allow you to see out without people looking in, while at the same time reducing a lot of the maintenance issues that come with installing blinds. This means you can benefit from natural light and sunlight without being concerned about who can see in.

Commercial Window Film
UV Control Window Film

Commercial Security Window Films

Security is a top priority for businesses in many industries. Something as simple as being able to see into your commercial or office space can provide criminals with information that they can use. At TS Window Films, we offer high quality commercial security window films that allow natural light in but keep out prying eyes.

Our commercial security window films have been created by industry experts with your safety in mind. 7 out of 10 clients recently found that their glass did not meet European standards, meaning that they and their team were more at risk of injury in the event of an accident or natural disaster. Safety film reduces the impact of breakages, limiting the severity of injuries. On top of this, it is also more secure and harder to break, making an excellent burglary or smash and grab deterrent.

Commercial Graphics Window Films

Your windows can be an important and valuable space for business branding and advertising – it’s something that many businesses overlook. At TS Window Films, we can create stunning branded graphics window films, that display your logo and messaging all year round.

With our films, you can make your company stand out in the best way with distinct print graphics that make your office or commercial environment feel more distinct and vibrant. View our latest case study here.

Cole Buxton Solar Control

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