Conservatory Window Film

Turn your conservatory in to the perfect space to relax with our temperature regulating window film. Reduce heat and glare by up to 80%.

Before conservatory window film fitted

conservatory before window film application

After conservatory window film fitted

Conservatories can be a lovely addition to any house creating that valuable extra space for you enjoy and relax in, and although having glass in the roof will allow a lot of extra light in to the area, this can lead to its own problems. During the summer your conservatory can become a heat trap and the extra heat being allowed in through the glass can make the room rise to an unbearable temperature. With our conservatory window film installed you can instantly transform your room in to a usable space again. It will reduce the heat and the glare by up to 80% in the summer, whilst retaining 35% of the heat during the winter meaning you can regulate the temperature of your conservatory with ease.


Here at TS Window Films we take extra care when it comes to the details of your installation. If we have to take your blinds down for example (and we do that free of charge!) we will then fill the holes with mastic to ensure the best finish and to not compromise with the structure. We thoroughly clean down all the glass and frames before and after to make it look as clean and as new as possible.

One of the main reasons for choosing window film is it doesn’t compromise on your view and stays looking clean, fresh and modern, where as blinds become insect and dust traps which need frequent cleaning, and they also struggle with the heat and have a tendency to break.

Solar window film for conservatories is the perfect answer to all your heat issues. Solar window film will help stop your conservatory from getting too hot, as well as preventing glare and furniture from fading. What’s more, it is much more convenient than blinds, and often considerably cheaper too.

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