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Bi-Fold Doors Window Film for Residential Properties

Keeping cool, preventing glare and saving energy are all benefits of Bi-Fold Door window film.

Bi-Fold Doors Window Film

Bi-Fold doors are becoming ever more popular in the home, but often they lead out into the garden and if they are south facing they can create some real heat and glare issues. To help control heat and glare, window film is the perfect answer. The film is applied internally and in the summer reflects back the sunlight which reduces the heat coming through into the room. It also limits the amount of glare, making it a much more comfortable and enjoyable space to be in. Not only does the window film help in the summer, it is designed to reflect the escaping heat during the winter to keep the warmth in the room. Our Bi-Fold Door window films can reduce heat and glare by up to 85% and keep the warmth in with thermal technology by 33%. Fading of furniture and flooring from the sun can be a real problem but rest assured all our films come with 99% UV protection built in.

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The benefits of  Bi-Fold Doors Window Film

Bi-Fold Door Window Film controls HEAT.

Heat can always be an issue in and around the home, bi-fold doors are always a lovely addition to the home but they also allow a lot of heat and glare in, applying  window film is an effective and cost efficient way of solving this problem. The film reflects the sun’s energy away from the glass, stopping the heat from entering the building and getting too hot, meaning window film performs much better than blinds.

Bi-Fold Door Window Film controls GLARE.

GLARE can be a constant battle by light streaming in through your doors, in some cases causing major problems. Once you have installed Bi-Fold Door window film you will instantly notice the difference and can start enjoying your environment, whether you are watching television or reading a book, the atmosphere will always be enjoyable.

Bi-Fold Door Window Film controls FADING.

FADING comes from a variety of different sources including heat, light, and UV rays. Installing solar control film can reduce and control all three of these by creating a film barrier. Solar control film cuts out 99% of ultra violet rays, which protects against the fading of furniture and carpets. More importantly it serves as protection for skin damage, our films have the equivalent of an SPF of 285.

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