Frosted Window Film

Frosted Window Film is perfect for privacy

Frosted window film is the ideal alternative to your net curtains or blinds. There are a variety of different options which are on offer, and we are sure there is a perfect window film for your home or office.

Advantages of Frosted Window Film

For people who value their privacy, frosted window film is the perfect answer. Frosted window film replaces the old fashioned sand blasted glass. Once applied it looks like a factory finish, but it can also be removed at later date if you change your mind or if you are in rented accommodation and need to get it looking the same as before you moved in. Our frosted window films still allow a lot of natural light through the glass and in to the building, as much as 90% of light will still come in through the film but will give you complete privacy day and night. One of the most popular uses of frosted window film is in bathrooms and en suite where privacy is paramount.

Frosted window film is one of our most popular choices, especially in bathrooms and on balustrades. This film gives you complete privacy day or night, while still allowing 90% of natural daylight through the glass.

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