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Whether you are working from home or want to feel comfortable coming home from work, our residential window films can make a room feel cooler in the summer and cosier in the winter. With our range of residential window films, we can offer options to help make your home work that bit better for you. Contact us for your free quote today.

Solar Control Window Film

Residential Solar Window Films

As specialists in solar window film installation, TS Window Films offer solar control window film which is ideal for reducing glare from the sun’s rays. Blocking out heat and minimising glare can make it much easier to utilise a room without having to worry about where the sunlight direct hits. As well as reducing the amount of light that can distract you while working from your home office, it can also block out 99 per cent of UV rays, reducing damage to your furniture caused by direct sunlight.

Our solar window films can be the perfect choice for your home, if you have large windows that get direct sunlight. Explore of range of solar window films to find the product that is best suited to your home. View our latest case study here.

Residential Security Window Films

TS Window Films provides high quality security window films that are ideal for providing greater levels of privacy, security, and protection for your home. Placed over large windows, they can make it impossible for anyone to see into the property while ensuring that light still gets into your home. Keeping your home safe is key – and our window films make this easy for you.

Our films are ideal for the dual purpose of deterring burglars and reducing the risk of injuries caused by breakages with residential security window films. While it may not prevent the glass from shattering, it will do enough to reduce the dispersal of glass and reduce injuries caused by the spread of broken glass in the event of an accident or natural disaster.

Security Window Film
Bi-Fold Door Solar Control Window Film

Residential Privacy Window Films

It is only natural to want your home to remain as private as possible – TS Window Films offers residential privacy window films to ensure that you feel completely comfortable in all areas of your own home. You might love your home’s huge windows, but not be completely happy with the fact that other people can see inside.

There is no need to block out the daylight with heavy curtains or blinds; if you want to enjoy the view (but not be someone else’s view) our residential privacy window films can stop people looking in, while still keeping in enough light so rooms still feel comfortable.

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All our films come with a manufactures warranty for 10 – 15 years. For that extra peace of mind.


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We are a friendly and professional family run business, with 20+ years experience in the industry.

Fully Insured

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Here at TS Window Films we are fully insured and follow all health and safety regulations.

Residential Bi-Fold Door Window Films

If your home has a bi-fold door, it makes sense to get as much benefit out of this fantastic feature piece as possible. But bi-fold doors can let in a lot of heat, as well as allowing glare within your home. Thankfully, TS Window Films provides the solution that you need.

You can get the additional benefit of a bi-fold door but without the annoyance of traps and glare with our residential bi-fold door window films. The films help to minimise glare by slightly reduce the brightest lights – this can also help to reduce heat as it provides a barrier against sunlight. The light is still allowed in, but the heat is reduced.

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Privacy Window Film

Residential Frosted Window Films

If you are looking for a way to increase privacy in your home, but maintaining plenty of natural sunlight, the frosted window films from TS Window Films could be the perfect solution you need. Frosted window films provide a great look for your window, while stopping anyone from seeing inside.

Ideal for your bathroom, residential frosted window films can provide additional security without having to compromise in terms of comfort in your own home. Light can still enter the room, adding warmth and daylight, but other people can’t see in.

Residential Skylight Window Film

Skylights are an increasingly popular feature in homes, adding natural light into the property and even lovely views of the sky at both day and night. And while a skylight can provide additional light and warmth, there is the danger it can create additional pockets of heat and glare. One way to prevent this is by using a residential skylight window film, which will block the glare while still allowing you to see through the skylight.

At TS Window Films, we offer high-quality window films designed specifically for skylights to allow in plenty of natural light but minimising heat and glare.

Alternative To Net Curtains Window Film

For many homes, large windows offer the benefit of sunshine, daylight, and warmth. But on bright days, it can be too much. But net curtains aren’t for everyone – and there is another solution that could be perfect for your home. TS Window Films offers window films that can provide an ideal alternative to traditional net curtains.

They allow you to avoid the additional maintenance issues that come with net curtains by installing a window film, allowing you to keep your home private while still being able to get the benefit of a nice view and letting light into your home.

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