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Keeping your home safe is important, both in terms of stopping intruders from getting in and physically protecting the people inside. This is why we have developed residential security window films.

Our residential security window films are designed with a special laminate and adhesive. This means that even if you use a sledgehammer it can take a considerable amount of time to break it.

This means that anyone trying to break in to your home has to put in a lot of effort. It also means that it takes longer to break in, so this further increases the risk of getting caught, so there is the added factor that the security window film can be a useful deterrent.

Residential Security Window Films Garden
Residential Security Window Films Courtyard

There is also the fact of things that can happen on a day to day basis. If a child accidentally lands on glass and it smashes then they are at the risk of serious injury. By making it harder for the glass to break, you reduce how much the glass disperses and therefore reduce the risk of injury to that child.

During natural disasters, there is the possibility that conditions will mean that glass will break. With more resistance, the glass won’t disperse as much, meaning you are less at risk of injury while trying to evacuate your home.

Residential Security Window Films Accident
Intruder Trying To Break Glass

We believe in providing the best quality with our products, which is why our residential security window films are designed with current safety legislation in mind, but more importantly to keep you, your home and loved ones as secure as possible. If you would like to know more or have any questions or concerns please contact us today.

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