solar control window film Tunbridge Wells Kent

 Solar Window Film Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Regulate your temperature with solar control window film

Here at TS Window Films Ltd we are trusted experts at installing solar window films. Whether you’re looking for a company that has excellent reviews or a reliable and friendly team, there are many reasons to choose us.

Heat and glare can be a real problem and is becoming more common in the UK due to the rising temperatures. We supply and install all types of solar control window films to suit everyones needs. We often get customers worrying about losing too much of the light coming in and making the rooms too dark but with technology advancing in the window film industry there are a lot more options when it comes to choosing the right film. On this particular job we used neutral steel 50 film and after a week we had an email from the customer saying how delighted they were with the drop in temperature than before they had the film installed. They were sceptical at first that the film was going to make a difference due to the minimal impact it had on the look of the glass but were pleasantly surprised.

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