Frequently asked Questions about Window Films

window film frequently asked questions

Yes! Absolutely. We are a window film installation company. Our expert fitters have more than 20 years experience fitting window film all over the UK, for both residential and commercial properties. By having us install your window film, it allows us to offer you the peace of mind of a full 12 year guarantee on all our work.

The majority of window films have a scratch proof resistant coating on the outside of the film, which helps protect the film from normal wear and tear, however care must still be taken when cleaning. We advise the use of normal household glass cleaner or plain soapy water. Do not use any solutions that contain abrasive material, such as baking soda, comet, softscrub etc. Also do not use anything sharp or abrasive such as razor blades or scrubbing pads. Use soft clean lint-free towels or synthetic sponges to apply cleaning solutions. Once you are happy the window is clean use a soft tissue or a soft rubber squeegee to remove all of the excess solution.

Often the window film can look perfect when its just been installed, but then gradually over time little pockets of water can develop leaving little bubbles. This is absolutely fine, and is just the natural process of the film curing to the glass, this process can take up to 6-8 weeks. Please do not touch them or try smoothing them out yourself as often this will cause damage to the film.

Glass can be very dangerous when it is broken, and can cause major injuries or even death. Unfortunately many glass breakage events are not predictable such as a child falling into a patio door, burglaries and natural disasters. In these circumstances if the glass is not treated with security/safety window film the injuries will no doubt be a lot more severe than if the glass had not been treated. 

Smash and grab burglaries are unfortunately on the rise and they will mainly access the properties through windows. Security window film is an excellent deterrent, as intruders are unable to break through the glass straight away and gain access, it would take the intruder minutes as apposed to seconds allowing people to raise the alarm. Wherever there is glass there is danger.

Whilst the window film industry has yet to produce a product that prevents the glass from shattering, solar control window film and safety window film both provide a good level of protection from glass breakage. Window films help to prevent glass that has been shattered from flying and dispersing through your home or office, resulting in personal injury and property damage. Glass breakage can occur from a variety of things ranging from natural disasters, accidental, or vandalism and theft. Solar or privacy window film will hold the glass to a certain extent, but if safety is a priority then please talk to us about our range of safety and security films.

The majority of window films are applied to the inside of the glass surface of the window. When the sunlight hits the surface of the glass four things happen:

1. The sunlight hits the glass and a part of its energy is reflected away from the window.

2. The glass absorbs some of the sun’s energy.

3. A portion of the sun’s solar energy is transmitted through the window film into the room.

4. Part of the sun’s energy is absorbed by the window film and is re-radiated in and out of the room.

Solar control window film can reject up to 80% of the sun’s glare, reducing fading of interior furnishings, upholstery and carpets. It prevents 99% of harmful ultra violet rays coming through the glass. It keeps you warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer thus reducing your energy bill. It also rejects heat and glare making your environment more comfortable and eliminating any hot spots.

A lot of people ask whether window film is as effective as blinds? The answer is most definitely yes- and more so. 

The difference with window film is that it reflects and ricochets the heat and glare off of the glass, keeping the inside space at a constant temperature. Blinds still allow a lot the heat to come through the glass and sides, meaning they are a far less effective method of maintaining and controlling heat and glare. Blinds also attract a lot of dust and can look dated.  And are normally the more expensive option too.

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