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Brighton can be a great place to live and work. It is known for being a colourful and lively place as well as its iconic beach and pier. But it is still important to be mindful and keep your home and commercial property secure. One way that you can do that is with security window film.

Security window film is designed to be installed over a window. Once it is installed, it provides an additional layer that needs to be broken through. Demonstrations have shown that it can be difficult to break through the glass even with a sledgehammer.

This is useful as it means anyone looking to break into your home or business has to put a lot of effort in. From the perspective of the would-be intruder, it raises the question of whether or not it is worth breaking in. Therefore it can be an effective as a deterrent as much an additional barrier.

There is also the issue of safety. If you have children, there is the risk that they can fall onto glass. While the glass is not shatter proof, it is harder to break. Therefore if they do land on the glass, then the glass will not disperse as easily and their injuries will less severe. In the event of natural disasters it prevents glass from spreading too quickly while you are trying to evacuate.

If you are looking into securing your Brighton home or business premises please contact us so we can get one of our experienced installers to come out to you and help make your property more secure and safer.

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